Chancellor’s Circle

Supports the most pressing needs of the College as identify by the Chancellor.


The Foundation provides urgent supplemental funds to the College to support scholarships, program development, equipment purchases and other expenditures as identified from time to time.


Pima Community College has intercollegiate sports teams for men and women. You may select to support the general Athletics Fund or choose a specific sport.


The foundation administers a variety of endowments, each for a specific purpose. You can select the one you wish to support.


Endowed Scholarships are funded by the annual earnings of the supporting endowment. To provide additional funds to increase the awards, select the scholarship you wish to support.


Donations to College programs will provide supplemental funds to support program development, professional growth, materials and supplies and other expenditures necessary to maintain the educational experience for the entire College student population. Your donation can be directed to a specific program.


Private scholarships help Pima College students achieve their educational dreams. Your donation can be directed to a specific scholarship for your support.


The Foundations’s mission and purpose is to support the College, it’s students, faculty and programs. Unrestricted general funds allows the Foundation to provide its support on a continuing basis and operate in a manner to meet the College’s goals.