How To Give

We are committed to making college education accessible and affordable for all.

You can change lives.

When you donate, you’re impacting the lasting success of your community. Every donation supports neighbors, co-workers, students, and friends in furthering their goals and building a brighter community. Together, we keep Tucson thriving.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! Unless otherwise stated, all gifts are used on an as-needed basis determined at the time the gift is received. 

Donations may also be directed: to Scholarships, Endowment, or a specific program within the college (such as Athletics). Choose your preferred category below to learn more and make a direct contribution. 

Thank you for your generous support!


Pima Foundation and Pima Community College are partners in shaping the future of Tucson. Together, we build students up to reach their goals within and beyond the classroom.

Student Success Initiatives

You may select where you prefer your donation be directed.  The list below provides examples of how funds will be utilized.


Endowment gifts are invested and generate earnings that remain in the endowment “corpus” to support Pima Community College on an ongoing basis.


Scholarship help ensure that deserving students from throughout our community are able to achieve their educational goals.


Both women and men intercollegiate sports programs are vital to the college experience at Pima. Gifts may be designated for the general Athletics Fund or a particular sport.