PCCF Grants Program Fall 2014

The Pima Community College Foundation’s inaugural grants program received sixteen proposals and awarded a total of $24,975 to nine projects in Fall 2014.

“By providing these grants, the PCC Foundation can support and encourage innovative projects for which there may be no other sources of funding,” said Cheryl House, Executive Director. “When evaluating proposals, the selection committee measured the ability of each project to advance the College’s strategic priorities, positively impact students and the community, and produce specific outcomes.”

The nine projects that were awarded are listed below:

Downtown Campus- 3rd Annual Bilingual Career Fair-Tucson Speaks the Languages of Business is an event that will strengthen enrollment in the Translation and Interpretation Program (TRS) by exposing students to professionals in this field resulting in internship, volunteer and job opportunities for attendees. Amount awarded $450.

Downtown Campus-Campus Leadership Development Initiative-This event is a two day leadership retreat that will increase faculty, staff, and administrators’ leadership skills and abilities in areas of organizational transitions and as high performing team members. Amount awarded $4,000.

Downtown Campus-Student Services Advising Rewards Retention Program-This program aims to increase advisor student interaction and facilitate student development by promoting on-time registration, retention and successful course completion. Amount awarded $3,500.

Downtown Campus-Veterans Day 2014 Celebration-This is a community outreach event that will support student veterans that attend Pima Community College and promote veteran success rates. Amount awarded $500.

East Campus-Art Department-The Art Department will purchase software and 3D printers in which Instructional and Adjunct Faculty will be trained and then implement into the classroom curriculum. Amount awarded $3,825.

East Campus-Upward Bound Program-The Upward Bound Program will send a select group of students from low-income households to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ to provide them with an opportunity to view the college campus and identify programs of study that fit within their career plans. Amount awarded $3,500.

Northwest Campus-Outreach to Butterfield Elementary 5th grade STEM Club-Pima Faculty and staff will visit Butterfield Elementary on Thursday afternoons to facilitate their STEM club culminating with an open-house STEM fair at the Northwest Campus in which students will get a chance to view Northwest Campus’ STEM facilities. Amount awarded $400.

Northwest Campus-Outreach to High School STEM Majors-Junior and Senior students from local high schools (Marana, Mountain View, Ironwood Ridge and Canyon del Oro) will be invited to Saturday STEM workshops. Each workshop will be held on Northwest Campus and will feature a speaker from STEM and research professional. The speakers will address insight into their career choices. Lunch will be provided. Amount awarded $3,800. 

District Office- Financial Aid-The Pima Payout is a program where students at every campus will have an opportunity throughout the month of April to complete 12 SALT courses and answer three questions in essay form. The top 25 submissions will receive $200 cash, for a total award of $5000.

The deadline for the next grant cycle is February 13, 2015.