Grants Program Spring 2015

The Pima Community College Foundation’s inaugural grants program received twenty-one proposals and awarded a total of $21,890 to ten projects in Spring 2015. The ten projects that were awarded are listed below:

Community Campus-AAMMP Up/Get Into Energy Expo and Career Fair – This is a community outreach event that will strengthen enrollment in the aviation, manufacturing, welding and energy, and mining programs by exposing students to professionals in the fields resulting in career exploration and job opportunities. Amount awarded $1,500.

Community Campus-Virtual Student Services Center Operations Retreat – This event will provide a framework, discussion and training for the Virtual Student Services Center to support the PimaOnline Initiative to increase enrollment. Amount awarded $375.

Desert Vista-Books for a Common Reading Project – This project will be incorporated into the First Year Experience Program. The idea is that students, faculty and staff read the same book and create learning experiences around reading during a class, semester, or school year. It promotes student/faculty engagement which leads to retention. Amount awarded $1,200.

Downtown Campus-Construction of the NASA Radio JOVE Receiver/Antenna Kit – This radio receiver will allow real-time observations of the Sun and Jupiter. It is an instructional aid that provides an opportunity to directly demonstrate many of the core concepts in the astronomy sequence, reinforcing ideas and engaging the students more fully in understanding both the physical principles as well as the scientific process. Amount awarded $934.

Downtown Campus-Reading Café – This project is designed to help students develop their reading skills by using materials they are interested in and have meaningful connections to their own lives. The project will make reading more “appetizing” through a menu consisting of Appetizers (short texts that hook the reader), Main Course (longer fiction and nonfiction texts), Vegetables (reading skills and vocabulary building), and Desserts (reading for pleasure). Students will improve their English language and literacy skills. Amount awarded $1,500.

Downtown & Northwest Campuses-Preparing Students for the Rigors of Allied Health Programs – Critical Reading for Health Professions is a contextualized course. To improve the quality of the course and facilitate instruction on all campuses a comprehensive manual will be created, in-depth training for instructors will be provided, digital storage will be created to keep materials updated and meetings with faculty will be conducted to ensure the accuracy of the materials. Amount awarded $4,000.

East Campus-First College Experience – A Summer Bridge Program to recruit students from underrepresented populations; provide a support bridge for successful transition into college; and provide students with skills and techniques to successfully meet their program and certificate goals. Amount awarded $4,000.

East Campus-PCC/UA South Open House – This event will showcase how degrees from Pima Community College transfer to the University of Arizona-South and demonstrate that a Baccalaureate degree can be obtained at East Campus. Amount awarded $1,110.

Northwest Campus-Student Leader Summit – This project will provide leadership opportunities to high school and college students and showcase education attainment at PCC. Students will engage and network with other student leaders. The goal is to increase enrollment and retention of current and prospective students. Amount awarded $2,300.

West Campus-3D Digital Fabrication Lab – The lab will create awareness of current 3D digital fabrication technology; students will explore design possibilities and create with various fabrication techniques. The 3D Digital Fabrication course will expand student experience with processes and equipment they will encounter in their work environment. Amount awarded $4,971.

The PCC Foundation awarded $25,050 to nine projects in Fall 2014.