Grants Program Spring 2017

The Development Committee met to review the grant proposals submitted for the Spring 2017.  Fourteen proposals were submitted by five campuses and the district office.  A total of $21,612 was awarded to seven projects.  The Development Committee is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 PCCF grant recipients:

Community Campus:  Back to Work 50+ Customized Basic Computer Training – The program will provide basic computer training for BTW 50+ participants. The BTW 50+ maximizes employment readiness and increases the income of job seekers 50+.  Amount awarded was $2,500.

Community Campus:  Youth Science & Technology Curriculum – Purchase an educational 3D printing bundle as part of curriculum to align with Next Generation Science Standards and recommendations.  Amount awarded was $1,451.00.

Downtown Campus:  Ethnic, Gender and Transborder Studies (EGTS) Summit – PCC will host an EGTS Summit with the theme, “Promoting Excellence.”  The Summit will inform PCC students, faculty, administrators, and staff along with community members about EGTS and involve them in developing an EGTS Center of Excellence.  Attendees will participate in an afternoon workshop to develop the mission, vision and goals for the EGTS Center of Excellence. (EGTS is a PCC initiative to develop curriculum and educational services for students through disciplines that cultivate students’ knowledge and understanding of social justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity.)  Amount awarded was $2,500.

East Campus:  Integrative Education Mentoring: Interdependence of Metacognition and Meta-Awareness – One of the leading theories of learning is metacognition, the individuals’ awareness of their own reflection processes or strategies and their ability to direct and regulate these processes.  Emotional distress creates an imbalance, impacting emotional intelligence and metacognition, resulting in real and perceived reduction in students’ intellectual ability.  This project will train students to assess their stress level and define coping mechanisms.  Amount awarded was $2,400.

East Campus:  Portable Acrylic Glove Boxes – Purchase of equipment to support program requirements. The community advisory board and the accreditors expressed the need for PCC students to utilize plexiglass hoods during IV practice.  The EC Pharmacy Technology Program is nationally accredited by the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacist (ASHP) and is currently the only nationally accredited in Southern Arizona.  Amount awarded was $4,075.

West Campus:  Hydraulic Press for Forging – Purchase of equipment to support program.  Hydraulic press for forging is currently not available for students.  This equipment will provide current technology for students to develop new skills.  Amount awarded was $3,700.

West Campus:  Laser Engraver/Cutter – Purchase of equipment for program support.  This equipment will provide current technology for students to develop design and problem solving skills; it will allow students to develop ideas in a digital format and have them realized in physical form.  Amount awarded was $4,986.

The PCC Foundation awarded was $21,612 to seven projects in Spring 2017.