ima Community College first opened its doors in 1969. Since that time, the College has transformed thousands of lives through its university transfer curriculum and outstanding occupational programs. Many of the students who have earned degrees and certificates were the first in their families to enter higher education, transforming their own lives as well as those around them.

The College is particularly sensitive to the needs of the multi-cultural community. The College has invited all students in the community to succeed by providing geographical access, financial aid, and educational and career counseling. The student population is diverse – some students never intended to go to college but are taking the challenge; some are changing careers and want new skills; some need additional preparation before undertaking the College’s curriculum – but all are welcome and encouraged.

In our growing metropolitan area, with more need for highly-skilled, better-educated workers than ever before, Pima Community College must expand access and increase educational opportunities.  However, traditional sources of funding are limited. Funds donated to the Pima Community College Foundation provide supplemental funds to support program development, equipment purchases and other expenditures necessary to maintain the high quality of the educational experience for the entire Pima population.

Private donors, including businesses, individuals, foundations and community organizations, are invited to join the Pima Community College Foundation and other local partners in creating a lasting legacy for education in Pima County, ensuring a transformative effect that will benefit Southern Arizona for many years to come.